J. Khushaldas and Company (spd), started trading in Engineering Plastic Products, success began finding avenues for us. A revolution was set to hit the plastic industry with our inception in 2006 and the echo of its impact is still audible in ...Read More

Industrial Gaskets
PTFE Plastic Products
Asbestos Products
Engineered Plastic Products
Non-Asbestos Products
Rubber Products
Phenolic Sheets & Rods
Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Bakelite Rods
Butyl Rubber
Butyl Rubber Sheet
Die Cut Gaskets
Custom Rubber
Butyl Tape
Chloroprene Rubber
Compression Molded Rubbers
Industrial Sheets
Envelope Gaskets
Non Asbestos Gasket Sheet
Teflon Ropes
Rubber Gaskets
Rubber Expansions Joint
Rubber Diaphragm
EPDM Rubber Sheets
Nitrile Rubber Sheets
Viton Rubber Sheets
Ring Joint Gaskets
Engineered Gaskets
Caf Cut Gaskets
Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets
PTFE Tapes
PTFE Bellows For Lined Pipes
PTFE Sheets
PTFE Tubes & Pipes
Non Asbestos Gasket Synthetic Sheet
Non Asbestos Jointing Sheets
Non-Asbestos Aramid Packing
Non-Asbestos Gland Packing
Heat Resisting Gasket Sheet
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